Painted Lady butterfly

2019-20 Mathias Graduate Student Research Grant awards

The 2019-20 Mathias Graduate Student Research Grant awards will help 18 students from seven UC campuses conduct field studies at NRS reserves. These are the four UCR grant recipients: UC Riverside CNAS grant recipients 2019-2020: Matthew Green Sierra Nevada Aquatics Research Lab Landscape Biodiversity in Alpine Lake-Stream Networks UC Riverside 2019-2020 Elijah Hall White Mountain...
By Kathleen Wong | UC Natural Reserve System |
Dry Creek watershed, part of the Eel River Critical Zone Observatory in the Northern California Coast Ranges

Limited underground water storage make plants less susceptible to drought

You might expect that plants hoping to thrive in California’s boom-or-bust rain cycle would choose to set down roots in a place that can store lots of water underground to last through drought years. But some of the most successful plant communities in the state — and probably in Mediterranean climates worldwide — that are...
By Robert Sanders | UC Berkeley |
Santa Catalina Mariposa Lily

Sheltering California’s most vulnerable plants

Monterey larkspur. Pluman ivesia. Hoover’s manzanita. Payson’s jewelflower. Never heard of them? Few others have, either. They’re among California’s most vulnerable plants—rare, found in just a few spots, or extra finicky about where they will grow. Lucky for them, these and about 370 other vulnerable native plant species are found within the UC Natural Reserve...
By Kathleen Wong | UC Natural Reserve System |
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