Motte Rimrock Reserve

The Motte Rimrock Reserve, established in 1976, occupies a broad, rocky plateau on the western edge of the Perris Valley in southern California. Located equidistant between the climatological influences of the Pacific Ocean and Colorado Desert the Reserve supports an unusual mix of habitats.


Cultural History

The inland southern California area has been occupied by native American groups for thousands of years. Both the Cahuilla and Luiseño Indians probably used the Motte Rimrock Reserve land and surrounding areas as late as 200 years BP. 


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hectares in size (715 acres)
to 605 m (1,580 - 1,985 ft) in elevation
cm (13 in) in average precipitation per year

Species Lists

Species lists for taxa found on the Motte Rimrock Reserve are accessible by following the PDF links below.

Ongoing Research

Click to view abstracts for some recent and ongoing research projects at the Motte Rimrock Reserve. To conduct research at the Reserve, fill out an Online Research Application.



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